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How to Share Your Expat Life with People Back Home

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I am in a few Facebook groups for expats, and one that I like a lot is called Two Fat Expats. Awhile back we had a long thread going about how friends and family back home generally have no idea what your life is really like.

We had a good time joking around and going back and forth on the thread, but it did make me realize this is common theme among expats - how to describe what it's like to people back home?

Here are my 3 tips for sharing your expat life with people who can't relate:

1. Keep it light

Nobody cares about the bureaucracy and red tape you have to deal with as an expat. I have found there is no purpose at all in sharing mundane details like this.

Unless I am talking to my closest family and friends, I like to keep it light and on topics we can all relate to. Funny stories are the best, because everyone like to have a good laugh and if you are anything like me you have endless misadventures from your life abroad.

This has the added benefit of keeping you focused on the positive and hilarious parts of your life!

2. Keep it real

I am totally guilty of posting way to many beach pics, because I'm often in my home office working and there's not much to show there.

But I am learning to use Instagram stories to show the everyday life of a US expat and online life coach living in Thailand. I make smoothies and go to the gym and eat lazy delivery on Sunday nights just like everyone else.

When you keep it real, you show the truth: no matter where you are in the world, life might seem different but really it's same same.

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3. Keep it confident

I'll keep this one short: Be confident with your life and decisions.

If people don't understand me or my life and want to judge, I am totally ok with that. Everyone will have an opinion, and they are totally entitled to.

And I get to not care and live exactly how I want to. Embracing this changed everything for me!!!

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