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Navigating Transitions as an Expat

Hello April! are you feeling Spring in your corner of the world?

The change of the seasons, moving from one month to the next, into and out of holidays - transitions characterize our human lives.

As expats, it can be more difficult to navigate times of transition in an unfamiliar environment. Here are three tips to help you this spring, and anytime life's shifting has you feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

1. Track the transitions

I am from the US, my husband is Chinese, and we live in Thailand, so I make sure to keep track of the major holidays in all three countries. In addition I mark solstices/equinoxes, moon phases, and major astrological events.

Being aware of what is coming prevents you from being surprised and caught off guard. I use the Future Log in my bullet journal to track everything, but any calendar or journaling system you have in place already works. (Did you see my blog post about bullet journaling? Check it out here!)

2. Decide how you want to approach it

With everything going on in the world around us, it can feel like life is happening to us, as though we are at the effect of the circumstances of our lives.

But when you are tracking what is happening and you know what is coming up, you get to put yourself in the driver's seat and decide how you want to approach it.

You can't control the changing seasons or when bank holidays fall, but you can take stock of all that is going on and decide what you want to think about it, how you want to feel, and what you will do.

3. Create a meaningful ritual

I love to create rituals for times of transition. With the new moon in Aries falling today, I am taking extra time for reflection, journaling, and spending time outdoors.

Here are some activities you can try:

  • Spend time in nature. In Thailand I head to the beach for a walk in the sand and sea. Find a spot where you can see plants blooming or feel the earth under your feet.

  • Journal what is coming up for you during the transition. What are you thinking and feeling? Is anything holding you back or keeping you stuck?

  • Let go of what you no longer need. This can be thoughts in your brain or things in your closet. Spring is a great time to release and let go.

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