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My Morning Routine for a Healthy Life Abroad

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Living abroad can be overwhelming in so many ways, and it's important to have routines that give you stability. One thing that has helped me tremendously is having a morning routine that is both grounding and uplifting.

My morning routine is inspired by The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, which is FULL of amazing tips, motivation, and inspiration. I first read the book in 2016, and since then, although my morning routine is always changing and evolving, I have stuck to the six-part framework outlined in the book.


I start with a short meditation. I prefer guided meditation and use an app called Headspace. Sometimes Oprah and Deepak have a free 21-day meditation experience going on, so when they do I try to join that.


Next, I practice reciting new thoughts I am working on believing. Right now most of mine have to do with continuing to grow my coaching business, creating as much value as possible for current and future clients, and embodying a life of balance, openness, and authenticity.


This helps me stay future focused, since we can be easily limited by visions of our past. I imagine myself living my dream life. What would I be doing? What would I be thinking about? How would I be feeling?


I usually take a dip in the pool or do a quick yoga routine. I love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, or I just do a sun salutation sequence on my own.


I always have an inspirational book I'm in the middle of, so I will take a few minutes and read a chapter. I am reading The Surrender Experiment right now and it is an incredible book. You can read all about my review and takeaways from the book here!)


I finish up my morning routine by doing some writing. First I do a quick thought download/brain dump, and "clean up" my thinking before I start my day. Then I write down one or more things that I am grateful for.

That's it! It might seem like a lot, but honesty it only takes 30-60 minutes depending on how long I choose to spend on each thing. Having a morning routine has had a profound impact on my life, and I would recommend it to all expats!

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