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How to Make Difficult Decisions in Your Life Abroad

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my husband and I decided recently to move to China again, not back to Shanghai where we lived before but to Shenzhen, a large city just across the border from Hong Kong.

As soon as the idea to move came up but before we had committed to the decision, I watched my brain freak out:

- How do I know we are making the right choice?

- What if we aren't happy there?

- Will me miss Thailand as soon as we leave?

- Should we just move back to the US? Maybe this whole expat thing was a terrible idea...

You get the point lol.

Our brains don’t want to be faced with difficult decisions. They would rather indulge in confusion and overwhelm to avoid making hard choices, which actually makes the decision-making process even more stressful and drawn out.

Here's how you can handle it when presented with a difficult decision:

1. It will be ok no matter what

There is no happier or better or more fulfilled out there somewhere. Thoughts like that cause people to make all kinds of decisions that aren't right for them, because of how they think they will feel when they get what they think they want.

The truth is there is good and bad no matter what you do and where you go. So NO MATTER WHAT, it's all going to be ok. I don't believe there are any "wrong" decisions, rather that I am either winning or learning.

2. Choose thoughts that inspire confidence

What determines if you are happy with a choice you have made? What you decide intentionally to think about it. So practice thoughts that will make you feel confident and sure about your decision. Some ideas for you:

- I am always doing the best I can

- I know this is the right decision to make

- No matter what, it will all be ok

- There are no wrong choices

3. Make the decision and commit to it 100%

This might be the most important step. Give yourself a time limit to consider your options, and then make a decision and back yourself on it. Don't let yourself waver or waffle in indecision. Don't make the decision and then question yourself, wondering if you made the right choice.

When I decided that a move back to China was the right thing to do, I committed 100% to believing that it was going to be the perfect choice for me, my husband, my business, and my future. No matter what happens with the move, I will take the good that comes from it and will learn from anything that doesn't pan out the way I think it should.

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