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The Expat Guide to Long-Haul Flights

The trade-off for living in an exciting new country and culture: getting back home can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Over the past six years living abroad I have been on countless long-haul flights, so I have my routine down to a science.

My top tips for flying:

Make preparations

Choose a seat

First, I try to find airlines and flights that offer something similar to economy plus - slightly more expensive than coach, but nowhere near as expensive as business. In my experience most people won't want to pay for that small upgrade, so I usually have 2 or more seats to myself.

If I can't get economy plus, I always use the seatguru app to try and choose the best seat possible in coach. I know everyone has a preference for window vs aisle, and I am an aisle girl for life. So at the very least I will grab an aisle seat closer to the back if possible, so if the plane isn't full I can snag an empty row.

Pack your carry-on

I pack my carry-on VERY strategically so that what I need most during the flight is easily accessible. I use smaller bags within my big bag to organize everything, so I can quickly grab my toiletries bag, electronics bag, or reading material as needed.

Don't forget to leave room in your carry-on if possible! I usually pack mine half full (checked luggage is free on international flights so I take advantage of that) so I can stash duty free purchases, water, and food inside. Nothing is more annoying than trying to juggle a bunch of stuff through a crowded airport.

In the airport

I am always early to check-in so I have time to wander around the airport. I get in a few thousand steps by walking the length of the terminal(s), stock up on a TON of water (minimum 3 liters), get some food, get all my devices fully charged while I wait, and do a little shopping.

I usually make sure I download lots of fun shows, podcasts, and music before I leave home, but the airport is also a good time to do that if the wifi is strong. I like to have ~5 episodes of a favorite show that I am dying to watch ready, so I have something to look forward to.

In-flight routines


I never fly these days without prepping to do my full Korean skincare routine on the plane, including a sheet mask. It feels good to pamper yourself and it keeps your skin from drying out. If you've never heard of the Korean skincare routine you can learn more here - I SWEAR by it!!!

In addition to all the travel-sized skincare items I need for my routine, I also pack a a dental kit, makeup, dry shampoo, face spray, deodorant, and hand and body lotion. Planes make everyone look and feel haggard, so I do what I can to counteract it. Self-care also kills time!


Socks and slippers. I have a cozy pair of socks and a fuzzy pair of slippers just for flying. They are cute and comfortable, so I actually look forward to bringing them on the plane.

Neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs. These are the essentials. I did a bunch of research on all of them and picked out my favorites on amazon.

Leg hammock. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!!!!!!! If you don't have one you need one. I got this one for cheap on Amazon and I love it.

Layers. I generally wear leggings, a comfy tank, and a kimono on the plane. I bring along a scarf, hoodie, and light long-sleeve shirt to add layers, so no matter what the temp is I'm good.

Noise-cancelling headphones. Once I bought a pair of these back in 2014, there was no going back. I wouldn't even consider flying without them.

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