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How to Handle Frustration in Your Life Abroad

Many of my clients experience frustration often in their lives as global citizens. This can happen when you are living in a different environment and the basic "rules" of life and cultural norms you can't understand.

It can seem like life is causing us to feel frustrated, but a lot of times we feel frustrated when we fight or argue with the reality of life.

Here are three questions I like to ask my clients whenever they are feeling frustrated. Try journaling your answers to see what comes up for you.

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1. Why do you feel frustrated?

Do a quick 5-10 minute brain dump about all the things that are making you feel frustrated and why. Don't try to censor yourself; just get out everything you are thinking and feeling.

Then, review what you wrote from an objective perspective. The truth is that emotions are caused by what we think, not by whatever is happening in the outside world. Look for the difference between neutral circumstances and your thoughts about them.

Can you see that many of your thoughts are causing you pain and frustration? The good news is that they are all optional!

2. What would you like to think and feel instead? Why?

Sometimes we think we have no other choice, that frustration just happens. But we always have a choice about what thoughts we will think and what emotions we will experience. Consider what you would prefer to think and feel.

For example, maybe you are dealing with a bunch of visa bureaucracy. Your thought is "this shouldn't be so difficult" and your feeling is frustrated. You want to feel acceptance, so you decide to work on thoughts like, "I am willing to navigate the visa process to live in this beautiful place."

3. How would your life change if you felt less frustration?

You need motivation and a good reason if you want to change something. It's easier to complain about things and feel frustrated than to change your mind, so you need to have a reason you really like.

Think about what you could be doing with your time and energy if you weren't spending so much of it feeling frustrated. What could you create in your life?

One of the most important things I do with clients is work through this and many other processes to banish frustration and increase clarity and confidence in their lives abroad. Working with me is a truly transformative experience, so let's get started!

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