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How to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable (And Why You Want To)

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

My master coach Brooke Castillo often says that "discomfort is the currency of our dreams," and that one of the greatest skills we can cultivate is to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It has served us very well in human evolution to seek comfort. We have pillow top mattresses, a plethora of food delivery choices, and Netflix. Certainly better than living in a cave.

But now that many of us have reached levels of comfort unheard of in generations past, what's next? Could it be that to get to the next level, we need to embrace discomfort?

Whenever we dream big, after the initial euphoria comes the reality of the task in front of us. And no matter what it is, it will require us to embrace discomfort to do something we have never done before and to become someone new.

But how to get better at rolling with discomfort? I'll give you my top three tips:

1. It gets easier the more you practice it

Just like anything in life we want to get better at, the more you do that thing the better you get. Rather than dreading something, look at it is a practice run. You're always winning or learning, so embrace all new and scary things as learning experiences.

For example, the first time I did a Facebook Live I was terrified. I spent hours preparing for the 10-minute live, and needless to say I was very very uncomfortable. But after a few times of practicing it felt much easier, and I am even going to start a YouTube channel soon! (Which I would have never had the confidence to do without embracing the discomfort of the initial lives.)

2. Feel discomfort, and do it anyway

What if you just decided that it was perfectly ok to feel uncomfortable and take action anyway? A lot of times we limit ourselves by saying we need to feel inspired, motivated, or prepared in order to do something. But you can decide that you will take action regardless of how you feel.

I had a client once who wanted to make a career change. In fact, before hiring me as her coach, she had spent years wanting this new career. But she was spending all her time researching, overthinking, and questioning whether it was the "right" move. I helped her through the transition, and on the other side she said, " I should have just done this years ago!" because no amount of preparation was going to take away the discomfort. She needed to just go for it.

3. Out of your comfort zone and into the fire

One way to get comfortable with being uncomfortable is to intentionally do one thing every day that puts you outside your comfort zone. I recommend all my clients who want to increase confidence do this, and it is also an excellent skill to help you embrace discomfort.

In my FREE expat confidence cheat sheet I outline the exact exercise you can do daily to increase your confidence and embrace discomfort to reach your goals. You can get it HERE, and when you sign up it will automatically add you to my Friday newsletter for even more coaching tips! ♡

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