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Expat Travel Tips: Balancing Health and Fun

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

As expats, we tend to travel more than the average person. In 2018 alone I traveled to China, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, and Dubai.

It's common to use travel as an excuse or opportunity to slack on your normal healthy routines, but in the past six months or so I've been working on traveling healthier, and it all started with my mind.

I used to have a LOT of beliefs about vacations, and they were all along the lines of:

- Vacations are for eating and drinking whatever I want

- I'm going to treat myself

- I can't wait to let loose

- Travel is only fun if I'm indulging

I realized that these thoughts weren't serving me at all. I would come back from my holidays bloated and blurry-eyed, needing a vacation after my vacation!

Can you relate?

Before a trip to Singapore last summer, I decided to try a new way. First I chose some new thoughts carefully:

- I will have one night to eat and drink whatever I want, and make healthier decisions the rest of the time

- I'm so excited to keep up my fitness by walking everywhere and taking my favorite Xtend Barre classes

- It will be so nice to get a spa treatment and indulge in self-care

- No matter where I go, it's easy to find food and activities that are good for my body

- I can have fun and be healthy on vacation

I have continued to use this tactic of getting my mind in a good place before I leave for vacations, and it makes ALL the difference. By deciding ahead of time what you want to think, you set yourself up for success.

My healthy supplies for a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur

Then, with the right frame of mind and feelings of excitement and anticipation, you can take actions like:

- Researching healthy restaurants and juice bars

- Using the Mindbody app to sign up for exercise classes

- Planning to walk everywhere

- Packing supplies like essential oils, vitamins, teas, and healthy snacks

And of course, having the best time ever! ♡

Working with me can help

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