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Life Transitions and Expat Loneliness

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Loneliness is a very common emotion for expats to experience at different times.

People tend to move in and out of your life because expat life is often a transient life, so you need to constantly make an effort to create community.

Then there is the loneliness that comes when you are going through a life transition AND you live abroad. Away from the support systems in your home country, it can make those feelings even stronger.

A few years ago I went through a major change as I moved from a life that revolved around happy hours, socializing, and overindulgence to a life that was healthier and more balanced.

When I decided to cut back significantly on nights out I initially felt lonely and bored. I didn't really know what to do with myself on the nights I would stay home and not drink.

How to deal

A lot of people talk about things you can do, activities to "fill the void." But I have a different approach. Here are the two phases I went through that helped me deal with loneliness:

1. I ALLOWED loneliness, restlessness, and boredom. I practiced just sitting and feeling these negative emotions. It wasn't going to kill me to feel lonely. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. (And it got easier the more I practiced it.)

2. I got CURIOUS. Rather than rushing into an activity to avoid or resist feeling discomfort, I asked myself - what could I be doing instead? What were activities that I truly wanted to incorporate into my life? What would feed my mind/body/spirit?

Although it was a really uncomfortable time for me, I look back on it with so much gratitude. Because I acted with intention, a lot of what I started doing with my time are things that have added incredible value and joy to my life.

Among them: I started bullet journaling, got into Korean skincare, hired my first coach, decided to become a coach myself, took a Reiki course, rediscovered a love for reading fiction, and joined health/wellness groups.

Working with me can help!

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About me

Hi, I'm Jen! I am a US expat currently living in Thailand with my wonderful husband.

I always strive to learn, grow, and be the best version of myself, and I'm so grateful I get to spend my days working with amazing expat women like you:

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