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The Biggest Mistake I See Expats Make

I'm in a number of Facebook groups for expats, and I often see posts that are along these lines:

"We have a choice to relocate to ____ or ____ or to move back to our home country for a year. What should I do? What will be best for me/my family? How do I know I won't regret one decision over another?"

And what usually follows is lots of people in the group giving well intentioned but conflicting advice. Not surprising, but let's back up to the underlying premise of a post like this, which is the belief that it will be "better" in one place over another.

It goes much deeper than the grass is greener mentality. This belief that out there somewhere is the city, country, job, or partner that will be the "right" choice, and if we only choose correctly we will be happy and our lives will be better, is a thought error.

There is no better out there, because your happiness comes from your thoughts, from within, so you can consciously choose to be happy no matter where you are. (Check out my recent blog post on how to make difficult decision in your life HERE.)

So when you are faced with a decision like the one above, try answering this question I often ask my clients: If you knew that you would be happy no matter what path you choose to take, which would you choose?

Sometimes it takes only a moment to know the answer, sometimes it takes a bit longer with more weighing of options. The important thing is to give yourself a deadline to decide. Then once you make the decision, own it. Don't look back. Don't wonder what could have been. Don't indulge in what if thinking.

Commit 100% to your choice, and have your own back.

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